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Ready to get rid of your old truck? Let Truck Wreckers Geelong do the job for you. We are a trusted truck wrecker in the Geelong area and so, you can expect that you would be receiving the amount of money that is the same as your truck’s worth. Turn your unused truck to cash by simply bringing it to us.

We are aware of the fact that your truck has served you for years and it also contains you and your family’s memories. That is why we know how hard it can be to say goodbye to it. However, Truck Wreckers Geelong is here to help you let go of it without any reservations by providing you a considerable amount of money for it. This is because we think that you deserve it.

Cash for Used Truck on Spot

We ensure you will get an easy process to get cash for your used Trucks in hassle-free way anywhere in Melbourne and district.

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1. Request a Quote

Request a quote and you will get the best price anywhere in Melbourne for your old Truck that is no longer roadworthy.

Free removal and hauling service
2. Quick Response and Custom Support

As soon as we receive a call or mail, we provide you with quick response and request you to schedule an appointment to start Truck removal

Cash on spot
3. Free Truck Removal and Hauling in Melbourne

We offer you cash for Truck on spot. Call us for free Truck removal and hauling service anywhere in Melbourne for vehicles in any condition and type.

Big or Small Trucks, We Buy It All

Regardless of whether you have a big or small truck, you can still get some money in exchange of it. We buy different kinds of trucks in any condition. The only that you need to do is to provide Truck Wreckers Geelong some information regarding it. Such information includes the model of your truck as well as the year that it was made. This would allow us to provide you an appropriate price for it. Upon providing us such information, we would then provide you a quote as soon as possible.

Receive Cash for Your Truck

Who said that your truck has no value anymore? Our company exists just so you would not only be able to get rid of your old truck from your garage but also receive some money from it. Receiving cash for your truck is just simple. You just need to contact us and make an appointment for the removal of your scrap truck. What makes the deal even better is that we would get rid of it for you for free.

Ready to Serve Geelong Area

Regardless of where you are residing in Geelong and regardless of where your truck is right now in the area, expect that Truck Wreckers Geelong would come get it anytime that you want. We are here to provide you convenience and get rid of your truck as soon as we can. You can check out the list of the trucks that we buy and even when your truck is not included on the list, still contact us for we might still but it.

Surely, disposing your car can also be a daunting task but it should not be like at all, especially since we can provide you the help that you need in disposing your car. With us, there is no need for you to look for a place where you can abandon it. We are providing you a way to get rid of it in a way that is not reckless and would not cause a disturbance on others. Therefore, sell Truck Wreckers Geelong your truck now and get rid of your problem for good. Don’t miss the chance to do so!!!


The only cash for cars service you need when selling your car

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We also buy cars, so whether you are looking for cash for scrap cars, free old car removal or after old car wreckers near you, just contact us.

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