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TRUCK WRECKERS MELBOURNE – We buy and wreck trucks for parts!

Servicing Throughout Melbourne Victoria

Look no further for the perfect way to dispose of your old trucks in Melbourne – we are the best truck wreckers Melbourne has to offer. We offer cash for old trucks, including free same day pickup, in a 100km radius around Melbourne, call us today (03) 7023 1503 .

We buy used trucks and transport them so that you don’t have to – other truck wreckers in Melbourne can’t come close to the high quality of service we have to offer. We can offer you up to $14999 cash for trucks, including free truck removal. We take all makes and models, offering cash for old trucks that are otherwise just taking up space and causing you inconvenience.

What Makes us Different?

Other truck wreckers can offer various benefits and removal styles, but we can offer some of the best service and convenience among these truck wreckers in Melbourne. We buy used trucks seven days a week and are the top truck wreckers Melbourne has to offer.

Melbourne truck wreckers need to be able to service a wide area, and we’re glad to be the truck wreckers that will come to you we offer cash for trucks in Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, ensuring that you’ll be able to find a good home for your truck with a local company you can trust.

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Cash For Trucks

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How does it work

How Does It Work?

Trucks removal in Melbourne is a hassle-free process that takes hardly a few hours to complete.

  • Feel free to call us or send us a mail to get a quote for your Truck and parts inquiry too
  • As soon as you accept our quote, schedule an appointment for dismantle and Truck removal services.
  • We dismantle Trucks/vans/4WDs and offer free hauling services Melbourne wide
  • Cash on spot for used and old Trucks anywhere in Melbourne

Why Are We the Best Choice?

Truck wreckers can sometimes leave you feeling unsure as to if you’ve received a good deal – trading cash for trucks can leave you hesitating, wondering if you’ve come out better for the transaction. We make sure that our cash for trucks deals are the best we can offer, and you can rest assured you’re dealing with a fair company when you deal with us.

Besides the immediate benefit of cash for trucks, truck wreckers offer the invaluable service of removing an old and unwanted truck from your property, making it so that you are essentially getting paid to have your yard, driveway, or garage cleaned up. We’re happy to be the truck wreckers that you can trust and depend on, and along with cash for trucks you’ll receive the massively helpful service of having your used truck removed for you. No more will it be a safety hazard, obstacle, or eyesore for you and your family – we are truck wreckers first and foremost, but can also help you reclaim the beauty of your yard with our removal service.

We can offer cash for trucks seven days a week, and we’re proud to be some of the best truck wreckers in Melbourne that can provide this service. You can make up to $14999 simply from having your old truck removed – whether it’s near the end of its life or long past it, your old truck can immediately become an asset to you and your family with our cash for trucks deals.

9,5k Vehicles
100% Satisfaction
150 Awards
Deals With You in Mind

You can expect to come out ahead in a cash for truck transaction with us – we offer cash for trucks with some of the best service and rates among Melbourne truck wreckers. Truck wreckers depend on their clients for their reputation, so we want to make sure you’re satisfied with our cash for trucks offer, and we’re happy to help reach that point with you.

Free Truck Removal Service

Our staffs will get your truck removed out of your yard, driveway, or garage and will remove it without any hassle. Truck Wreckers Melbourne is offering free truck removals regardless of its model or make, regardless if it is a junk truck, scrap truck, or even a damaged or old truck.




  • Ford Truck Wreckers
  • Volvo Truck Wreckers
  • Isuzu Truck Wreckers
  • Fuso Truck Wreckers
  • Hino Truck Wreckers
  • Mack Truck Wreckers
  • Tata Truck Wreckers
  • Mazda Truck Wreckers
  • Toyota Truck Wreckers
  • Iveco Truck Wreckers
  • Mitsubishi Truck Wreckers

What We Do With Your Old Truck?

Even though it’s at the end of its working life, you don’t want to trust your truck to just anyone – we are truck wreckers who respect all the time and money you’ve put into your vehicle. Your truck is a constant companion and highly useful tool in daily life, and we treat it with a level of respect and care that other truck wreckers simply don’t bring to the table. We’ll pick up your truck for you on the same day you call and offer you up to $14999 cash for the trouble, then make sure we take care of the vehicle well from that point on.

When you think of truck wreckers in Melbourne, think of us and our services, and remember that we can offer same-day pickup in a 100km radius around Melbourne. We’re a local company, familiar with the area and with our community, and we’re happy to help you reclaim space and value from your old truck.

Our Services

Truck Wreckers

Do you need to sell your truck right now and need cash for your truck today? Why to bother having to hassle the potential buyers that only waste your time when Truck Wreckers Melbourne buys trucks no matter the mileage, condition, or age right now with cash.

Truck Wreckers

Truck Wreckers Melbourne

There is not a faster way of selling your used or truck than with 4×4 Wreckers Melbourne. You can sell or go for truck removals in almost any condition as long as you can drive it to us. You do not need to wait long to get cash for your truck. Your truck can be completely out of your name with cash in your hand in just a day. When you advertise your truck in the paper or with a sign in the street, you will never know who will come to your front door or in what time. You need to consider your safety; truck wreckers will help you.

Cash For Trucks

Cash for Trucks offers instant cash as much as $15,999 for those old, scrap, junk, broken and accidental trucks. So we offer free truck pulling and removal service out of your place to our truck collection depot. We all do all paperwork, documentation on place and provide profit customer’s hands with no delay or headache. Its not necessary to consider any headache in case your truck isn’t running, not beginning, broken or scrap. Since you are in a location in which you enjoy after selling any type of complete truck.

You’ve multiple choices to call us if you wish to sell your truck. Go through the following action and obtain free cost evaluation in your undesirable truck.

Cash Up To $15 000 for Trucks in Melbourne

Selling your truck and other vehicles and getting cash for a truck is fast and easy, usually in just five minutes or less.  Our Truck Wreckers will buy your truck and other vehicles for cash right now, any model or make as long as it is running and driving for cash. It is fast, easy, and safe to sell your truck to 4×4 Wreckers Melbourne. We are buying used trucks in just about 5 minutes or less, and you will be able to sell us a truck in more or less five minutes because truck removals in Melbourne are fully bonded, insured, and licensed by the State of Melbourne for your peace of mind and safety. Sell your truck for cash up to $9999 at truck wreckers.

Cash Up To $15 000 for Trucks in Melbourne

We Pay Cash for all Trucks

When you are ready to sell your used or new truck, call Truck wreckers. Any brand or kinds of trucks, we buy them all. If you are looking to sell your truck, regardless of the condition and age, call us. Truck wreckers are the company that will buy your truck, and they are paying the max.

Why Truck Wreckers Melbourne

Truck Wreckers Melbourne is supplying a large range of truck parts at competitive prices, maintaining a comprehensive catalog. Which even includes newest models so as to make sure that our customers will be able to keep their truck on the road. Truck wreckers believe that this, as merged with exceptional service allows us to offer unbeatable value regarding providing you with replacement parts for your fleet.

If you wish to make good cash by selling your old truck. You are able to call us and may visit our yards that are in all over Melbourne. We’re

Other Services 

We also provide car wrecking and cash for cars services in Melbourne.

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How Can We Help You?

Call Us For Truck Removal Today

Give us a call today to come and remove your truck! We accept all makes and models and will offer cash based on those makes and models – call us seven days a week and we’ll head out to you with an offer of up to $14999 for your trouble. When you think of truck removal in Melbourne and the surrounding area, think of us. We value your business and appreciate the time you’ve put into both your truck and selecting us for your truck wrecker needs, and you’ll see that appreciation in the level of courtesy and professionalism we have to offer.

If you need to sell your trucks, be they near the end of their working lives or completely past their prime, give us a call – you’ll see the benefit of working with Melbourne truck wreckers who value your time and business.

With same-day pickup, up to $14999 cash for your truck, free site pickup, seven day a week service, and a courteous, professional atmosphere, our truck removal services are some of the best that Melbourne and the surrounding region have to offer, and we’ll be proud to count you among our clients. Contact us today to have us remove any make and model of truck from your property and reap the cash rewards of doing so, making your old truck an asset for you and your family once again.

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We Pay UpTo $15999 Cash For Any Trucks

Truck wreckers Melbourne can offer you cash for trucks as well. You’ll be highly satisfied with the quality of work we have to offer, and we’ll be glad to do business with you. Call today for more information – we look forward to working with you in the future!

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