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Nissan Truck Wreckers

Nissan Truck Wreckers Melbourne Providing the Best Price for your Nissan Trucks in Melbourne

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One of the major concerns of truck owners is the expensive cost of repairs and quick fixes of their scrap and old Nissan trucks. And upon doing these, no one can really give them the guarantee that they will give them a great price for their trucks. We at Truck Wreckers Melbourne can give you the most ideal price for your truck without giving you stress and headache of frequent repairs.

Our company has been in this business for many years now and over the years; we have purchased and wrecked thousands of Nissan trucks all across Melbourne. We are one of the leading Nissan Truck wreckers who do not just give the best price or value for your smashed up and old Nissan trucks but also offer quotes, pick up and removal.

Cash for Used Truck on Spot

We ensure you will get an easy process to get cash for your used Trucks in hassle-free way anywhere in Melbourne and district.

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1. Request a Quote

Request a quote and you will get the best price anywhere in Melbourne for your old Truck that is no longer roadworthy.

Free removal and hauling service
2. Quick Response and Custom Support

As soon as we receive a call or mail, we provide you with quick response and request you to schedule an appointment to start Truck removal

Cash on spot
3. Free Truck Removal and Hauling in Melbourne

We offer you cash for Truck on spot. Call us for free Truck removal and hauling service anywhere in Melbourne for vehicles in any condition and type.

When to Call Us and Consider Using our Services

Nissan Trucks can be your most valuable assets you can have however, when the time comes that it no longer serve its function right, it would be best to dispatched them and get the most money out of your trucks. This is exactly where we come in. Call us and thing about using our services when:

  • Your Nissan trucks are already decades old and because of their prolonged use, these have become damaged due to usual wear and tear.
  • When accidents created a total wreck for your Nissan trucks and the cost of repair is higher than actually getting a new one.
  • When repair or replacement of spare parts are no longer possible options.
  • When your old and damaged Nissan trucks are just sitting in the driveway unused.

Selling your Nissan trucks of any model has been made more convenient and easier by Truck Wreckers Melbourne. All you need to do is discuss the important details of the Nissan trucks that you wanted to sell and we will be on our way. Some of the models of Nissan trucks that we purchase are:

  • Nissan UD
  • Nissan XD or Hino 195,
  • Cwa15
  • Atlas 200
  • Diesel UD
  • Navara
  • Mk 175, 235 and 240
  • Ud/Excavator
  • Ud Cpb87
  • Ud Cka 290
  • Ud Mk 11 250 and many more Nissan truck models…


The only cash for cars service you need when selling your car

Product knowledge is one of the vital keys of the success of our truck wreckers business. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff together with complete range of secondhand parts enables us to source high quality spares effectively and efficiently. We take pride in delivering customers with the right price and the right service that they deserve. Our Nissan truck wrecking services are top of the line services and these are perfect for car owners, businesses and more who wanted to finally get rid of their old cars while obtaining right amount of money at the same time.
Over the years, we have successfully established ourselves as provider of excellent service. We are the fastest and most trusted Nissan truck wreckers that can pay your truck at once and help you get back to work or move on with your life without having to worry about anything.
Regardless of models of your Nissan trucks and their condition, you can always contact our team at 0476 444 111 or visit Truck Wreckers Melborune for more information about our buying process.

Other Truck models that we buy for top cash rate in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs  are

We also wreck cars at our compound, visit us to see our car wrecking yard in Melbourne.

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