About Truck Wreckers Melbourne

Truck Wreckers Melbourne is a company that aims to provide you the best value for your old and smashed up trucks. We deal with sales of old and junk trucks that are just not suitable for use in the present condition but we still offer you the best price in the market. It is a wise decision to sell your truck to someone who can get you good price and has a reputation for doing good in business. Here, are some of the reasons that you might want to sale your old truck and get a good price for it:

  • After you have made good use of the truck and have paid taxes and insurances for it’s time that you arrange for its disposal.
  • It is important that even with a smashed up truck; you get a reasonable price for it so you can avoid getting financially drained.
  • It is a sustainable solution because you just can’t let metal corrode away like normal waste material.
  • It has a devastating effect on environment and requires proper disposal mechanism.

What can be better that you can get a truck, which is of no substantial use, disposed off nicely and you get paid for it. Important thing is that you do business with people who are professional, trusted and can provide you the maximum leverage. Well, in the vicinity of Melbourne, you can’t get someone better than us to finish the job. We have years of experience on our hands and we know how to keep things on the right track. You can get things done timely, professionally and on the best price. Following are few reasons why you would want to do business with us.

Best quote in the town

You can get quote of your old truck by giving us a phone call ‎‎‎‎043 440 8557 or mailing us the details of your truck. You can also reach us through our phone number. We will offer you the best cash for your truck. You are going to instantly get paid after this.

Truck possession by our team

As you book your truck with us, our team is going to get to you in few hours, no matter where you are located in Melbourne. We will get the truck to our place. Owners are normally very conscious about the time and we are going to make sure that you get the work done in a matter of no more than two hours. You can also ask to delay the possession timing.

Documentation for transfer

Owners are often baffled by thought of prolonged and complex paperwork .They don’t want to get into all that and just want to get the transfer done, swiftly. We understand that and therefore, we have taken the responsibility of doing his for our clients.

Customer satisfaction

We have a lot of focus on that. Our team consists of experts that are polite and well trained to cater any sort of situation. We deal with every model of truck, so, you don’t have to worry for that. Our utmost focus is on getting our clients the maximum leverage and for that we revise our pricing policy on a regular basis.

Contact Us Today!

For a truck removal that is fast and efficient, contact Truck Wreckers Melbourne. We are a company that services Melbourne wide with cash for truck services that pay cash on the spot.

after you receive a quote from us if you wish to proceed we ill organise the time straight away to come and collect your Truck Please remember that you will get cash on the spot no cheques no bank transfer that’s cash in your hand also make sure that you remove all your belongings from the truck your e-tag and other necessary tools that you need.

Call Us – ‎‎‎‎043 440 8557

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